Dance That Comes From The Mouth

Dance That Comes From The Mouth
Adriana Gheorghe
June 25th, h.19.00
Atelier 35, Șelari 13, Bucharest

Within the project Goodbye Language, Atelier 35 presents Dance That Comes From The Mouth, a performance by Adriana Gheorghe.

“One ‘turn of the screw’ (narrative, by Henry James): not one child affected by ghosts/ the subject of the story, but TWO children! Not even one turn, but two turns! A third, maybe? This work is a thing of gravity and all the corny doubtful (performative, this time) strategies are needed.”

Adriana Gheorghe fuses performance and theory. She wrote on contemporary dance for the last twelve years (on&off, mainly when she felt an urgency). The ‘urgency’ became lately to research hybrid formats for delivering live theory according to a certain use of the concept of ‘singularity’ (“Speed Dating 1,2,3” at Zona D in Bucharest, last fall and “Grave Lecture 1&2” at the National Center of Dance in Bucharest -CNDB, this spring). She is active in the Black HyperBox performative research project, Room -1 (perfect project) and Common Practices Lab. She presented solos and duets at CNDB, National Museum of Contemporary Art, lorgean – apartment theatre, and ZKM-Karlsruhe. She worked with and continues collaboration with Atelier 35, Alina Popa, Andreea David, Nicoleta Enache and Ingrid Berger Myhre. She also started new collaborations with Florin Flueraș and Mihaela Dancs.

photo credit: Junji Ito, Black Paradox, 2009