From July 2012 to July 2013 Alice Gancevici has powered Atelier 35 together with Larisa Crunțeanu.

Alice Gancevici has studied Photography and Video at the National Arts University of Bucharest. She works as an artist duo together with Remus Pușcariu and collaborates with Bucharest AiR, an artists residencies project encouraging international art production, research and cultural exchange in Romania. She lives and works in Amsterdam and Bucharest. Between 2007 and 2009, the activity of Atelier 35 was managed by a team made up of Daniel Alexandru, Vlad Ionescu, Roxana Patrichi and Raluca Doroftei.

From  2010 to 2012 the activity of Atelier 35 was coordinated by Silvia Saitoc.

Silvia Saitoc is a curator and theoretician who takes an interest in „post“ and „internet aware art“. She has studied Philosphy at Univeritatea Bucuresti and then Art History and Theory at the  National Art University from Bucharest. During her time at Atelier 35, Silvia Saitoc has curated 19 projects among which  R-U-In?S: Undergroundthe exhibition of  Tets Ohnari,  Blind Museum   by Veda Popovici and  MEN by Lea Rasovski. 

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