How Many Me – Alternative Identities Workshop

In the periods 4-8 November 2013 and 6-10 January 2014 Atelier 35 presents “How Many Me? – Alternative Identities Workshop”. belle de jour poster iran


„I subsist as a kind of medium of myself.”

                                                    Fernando Pessoa

Our identity is a puzzle conceived from multiple and various pieces, which we could control up to a certain moment. The idea of this workshop is based on Michel Tournier’s short story “Tristan Vox” which explores the interconnectivity and evanescence of the relationship between voice and identity. Its protagonist, Felix Robinet is a radio speaker, passed his prime who fashions himself and alter ego, and presents himself under the pseudonym of Tristan Vox. Seduced by the inflexions of his voice, the public conceives him as seductive and bohemian young man. That is however in discrepancy with Felix Robinet´s appearance and disposition. The workshop “How many me?” invites participants to engage in the creation of such an alternative identity either based on an unexplored feature or as an exercise of functioning with an identity they cannot assume in day to day life. These alter egos might function as pseudonyms in writing, reality show interventions, dating sites profiles or Facebook accounts. The participants might explore a side of their personality which they suppress in everyday life or develop an unexplored feature of their character. At the end of the two working sessions the project will materialize into an exhibition documenting the resulting alternative identities and their formation process. Participants to the workshop will have the opportunity to discuss their endeavor with performer Mihai Mihalcea, who in his practice has assumed an alternative identity. Since 2010 the artist has decided to fictionalize his biography and reinvented himself as Farid Fairuz. This alter ego took the Romanian cultural scene by storm with his manifesto and subsequent critical performances on capitalism, sexuality, cultural production and religion that sharply mirror failures of the local society. The concept of this workshop was developed by Ioana Stan together with Xandra Popescu on behalf of Atelier 35. Ioana Stan (b.1988) is a theorist and philosopher. She studied Art History at Universitatea București and completed her Master’s degree in Art Theory and Aesthetics at the Center for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Kingston University in London. Her research is concerned with plasticity and flexibility in the process of subject formation. In the past, she has collaborated with various institutions such as Centrul de Introspectie Vizuala (Bucharest), Bucharest Biennial 4, Anca Poterasu Gallery (Bucharest), French Riviera (London). Currently, she is working as the cultural manager for the Romanian Cultural Center/Ratiu Foundation in London. Registration until the 3´rd of November at : Period : 4-8 November 2013 & 6-10 January 2014 from 16.00 to 20.00 Coordinators: Ioana Stan, Larisa Crunțeanu, Silvia Vasilescu, Xandra Popescu. *Image: The Iranian poster version of Belle de Jour by Luis Buñuel, 1967