Will Gerson, writes about “Laughter and Forgetting – Bucharest Art Week 2015” referring to the performance section curated by Xandra Popescu and Larisa Crunțeanu, “The Lost Letters, Between the White and the Black Cube” at Atelier 35, commissioned by Olga Ștefan the curator of the event, in Revista ARTA

Marta Jecu writes about certain project and art related spaces in Bucharest, among which Atelier 35, “Sub-styles: DIY Art Spaces, Interdisciplinary and Hybrids” in Revista ARTA

Richard Pettifer writes on our exhibition “Revolutionary Gear” by Veda Popovici, “Revolutionary Gear” in Revista ARTA

Alsion Hugill writes about the exhibition “Femina Subtetrix” by Larisa Crunțeanu and Sonja Hornung at Ivan Gallery, “A Speculative Fiction: Femina Subtetrix” in Revista ARTA

Cristina Bogdan writes on our exhibition Goodbye Language, “Hello Goodbye” in Revista ARTA

By David M Gibson on our exhibtion Res Caecas by Roland Laub, Res Caecas, in Revista ARTA

Cristina Bogdan writes on our exhibtion “The Force, the World and the Papesse”, “Where Is the Magic?” in Revista Arta