Chimera. Automated Erotic Massage Salon

14 JUNE – 31 JULY

Nona Inescu / Adrian Ganea / Ioana Iacob / Thea Lazar/ Oana Tudoran / Olivetti
AGF HYDRA (IT/UK) + Keiken (UK/DE)

In the network society, tactility is the condition of being amenable to seduction. Unlike vision, which is concentrated in the head, tactility is distributed throughout the entire human body as a capacity of all the five senses – a quality of touching and being touched. Entangled in the mediascape, our bodies are constantly massaged by various data and information.

Curentul trebuie să treacă / să inunde / prăvăliile și / eventualii lor rastafarieni / uitaţi la tejghele. / au cerut au răsturnat / păhăruţe au isprăvit au strănutat / scrumiere. // Pe vechi trasee / semi-rurale / sau poate / de-a lungul depoului / unde tot a doua casă / e pentru amantlâc. / Te uită / şi înţelege / cum toate – / de neatins adastă / doar pentru a se ascunde / în cel mai bun pământ. Durerea nu robeşte / paloarea iese castă cu irizări plăpânde / spre sufletul cel frânt.
– Vlad Moldovan, fragment of Electronische Bauhaus

Especially since technologies and multimedia strive to hide their mediation and create the illusion of an immediate perception of reality, this erotic bond is elusive, yet inescapable. How do we account for the technological entanglement of the body, the world and perception? How is the human sensibility reorganized by the machines, images and information that got under our skin? These are the questions raised by the artists in our automated erotic massage salon.

A tremendous throbbing, as of the engine that
makes the earth turn, filled the little room; he had begun to purr. . . .
He dragged himself closer and closer to me, until I felt the harsh velvet of his head against my hand, then a tongue, abrasive as sandpaper.
“He will lick the skin off me!”
And each stroke of his tongue ripped off skin after successive skin, all the skins of a life in
the world, and left behind a nascent patina of shiny hairs. My earrings turned back to water and trickled down my shoulders; I shrugged the drops off my beautiful fur.
– Angela Carter, The Tiger’s Bride

While addressing the modern world through the twilight of postmodernism, CHIMERA foregrounds aesthetic experiences that often remain ungraspable, as haptic phenomena of the communication between empathic machines and humans.

Translucent fingertips play on our skin, untangling knots of objectless desire; and within the release of tension, a new ambition to make oneself over into this desire is grasped.