The Force, The World and The Papesse

Artist: Viviana Druga
Initiated by: Xandra Popescu
Opening: December 20th, 19.00
Running time: 20.12.2014 – 25.01.2015

The Force caresses the Lion with one hand on its head and with the other under its jaw. The beast is tamed under her serene and confident eyes. The nail of her left thumb is painted red, just like the nail of her right toe.

Naked, covered only by a scarf, the World sails through a blue sky. Surrounded by a green wreath, she dances triumphantly under the eyes of the Bird (the intellect), the Angel (the love), the Ox (the needs) and the Lion (creativity).

Pale white, the face of the Papesse mirrors the color of the egg she is hatching. In her hands she holds an open book but her eyes stare are an absent interlocutor. The Papesse wears a blue gown and a blue cloak, unlike the Pope who wears a red cloak and a blue gown.

Viviana Druga read the Tarot for us.

Convinced that art means magic, the artist using her to heal the wanderers.

The musical selection for the opening was realized by DJ Amber Amber.