The Performance Art Lab presents VOTE – Work in Progress

Action. Part of the White Night of the Galleries 2014 circuit.

baiat in cap

Each Romanian citizen over 18 years old contributes with 8.1 Lei to the 2014 EU Parliament elections spendings. Each Romanian citizen contributes financially to send some politicians to Bruxelles.

On the evening of May 23rd, nine artists-candidates will be presented in Atelier 35. One of them will be present in the Belgium capital on the investiture day of Romanian politicians in the European Parliament. And she will do something.

Their action on May 23rd does (not) incite.

With: Adina Mocanu, Kiki Mihuţă, Marina Oprea, Gabriela Mateescu, Izabella Lészay, Cristi Gheorghe, Diana Miron, Andreea Dobre, Ruxandra-Mihaela Enache, Bogdan Olaru,Florin Bădiță, Ruxandra Stanciu.

An action developed during the Performance Art Lab coordinated by Ioana Păun with the support of UNATc and Atelier 35.